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The Edwardian Eye of Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles

Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles 1871-1956
Photojournalist Active 1898-1920

Illustrated Lecture By Richard Pitcairn-Knowles

The Edwardian Eye of Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles

The Edwardian Eye of Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles

The curator of photographs at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Mark Haworth-Booth, said “I regard Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles as one of the great little photographers in photographic history.” He was speaking at the launch of the book, “The Edwardian Eye of Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles 1871-1956″ in the well known Foyle’s Bookshop in Charing Cross Road.

There are still in existence over one thousand images made by Pitcairn-Knowles while researching and photographing a wide range of subjects to illustrate his articles which appeared in many of the fashionable journals of the Edwardian era, such as, in England, The Badminton Magazine, The Wide World Magazine and Girls Realm, and a number of French and German magazines.

Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles’ attention was caught by The Carnival at Nice, skating on the frozen canals of Holland, kite flying at Ostend, sand-yachting on the Belgian coast, badger-baiting in Berlin, horse-racing at Epsom and Ostend, lobster farming, fishing by flares at night, goat herds and bandits in Corsica, cider making, a motor gymkhana in Ostend, motor racing, a pumpkin festival, oysters, cod liver oil manufacture, etc.

There is a series of between ten and forty negatives covering each subject. Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles’ grandson, Richard Pitcairn-Knowles, presents an illustrated lecture covering Andrew’s early life from his birth in Rotterdam in 1871, his childhood in Wiesbaden, his sporting career and the launch of his two sporting magazines in Berlin in 1895, his travels throughout Europe in the first decade of the twentieth century, which resulted in this legacy of photographic images, and finally his return to England, in 1912, to open Riposo, Health Hydro, high up on The Ridge behind the then fashionable sea-side resort of Hastings, Sussex. He died there in 1956.

Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles’ work has been displayed in one-man exhibitions at The Photographers’ Gallery, Foyle’s Art Gallery, The Venetian Galleries in Ostend and at The Victoria & Albert Museum. Twelve of his images were included in the exhibition, The Real Thing, at the Hayward Gallery. Many of his photographs have illustrated recent publications.

The entire Andrew Pitcairn-Knowles archive is now housed in The Victoria & Albert Museum.

To book a lecture please contact Richard Pitcairn-Knowles on 01959-523154 or Contact Us.

Fee £40 plus travel cost.

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