James the Artist

Illustrated Lecture By Richard Pitcairn-Knowles

Paintings by James Pitcairn-Knowles

Paintings by James Pitcairn-Knowles

Born in Rotterdam in 1863, educated in Wiesbaden, with a Scottish woollen merchant father and Polish opera singer mother, James Pitcairn-Knowles was cosmopolitan from the start. From art school in Munich his Bohemian life lead him to Paris to live and work with the avant-garde artists of the Nabis.

He met a wealthy daughter of Napoleon III, built a castle with her on the banks of the Rhine near Wiesbaden in 1903 but divorced after ten years; depressed he entered a psychiatric clinic and almost gave up painting but later married a German princess with whom he lived in another castle, and started to paint again, until his death. The art market has always recognised just one woodcut, and a small book containing a further four woodcuts, both of which are highly sought after by collectors of the Nabis who were a small group of mainly French early post impressionists, drawing inspiration from Gaugin’s use of areas of bright colour. The sculptor Maillol was one of their members and Toulouse Lautrec a friend.

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